During the period from 1 to 4 December 2015, the graduate program in Arts (PPGARTES) of the Federal University of Pará will hold the 7th Biennial Arts Research Forum (7th FBPARTES). With the theme "the art", the aim of this edition is to strengthen the consolidation of the Forum as a space for discussion and reflection about the artistic production and the development of research in the artistic languages, in addition to the possibilities of interacting with other areas of knowledge


Kaleidoscope -the event will feature discussions and inserted in the academic setting, locus of teaching, research and extension, explored the area of the arts, Letters and Sciences, stimulating that, among these, interfaces, a kaleidoscope of topics that make up and involve the culture entered the body and beyond the scope of this body. Such acts by the urban themes by village, by tribes, by other arterial and compose the Skin art, subject and object of this event. There will be presence of lecturers from various Brazil and international institutions. Check out here the curriculum of the guests.

Programming – the event will occur in several spaces, as the seat of the PPGARTES, in the theatre of the Gasometer, in the Park of the residence, the Emílio Goeldi Museum, in schools in the surroundings, in the market of São Brás, among others. The goal is to form a long corridor of events crossed by many revealing the scale and density of its relationship with the city. Visit the website of the event.

About the skin -the theme of the VII FBPARTES is "Skin of art" emerged from reflections on the art of perception as sensitive to experiences in their processes, the investigations in yourmodis operandi. As in the skin, this sensitivity is propitious marks, signs and scars that cartografam paths, paths, trails, crossroads, that distinguish, identify.

The Biennial Forum of Arts research was implemented in the year 2002, by the Center for the arts-ARTISTIC/UFPA. It is a space of debate and institutionalized research sharing in different artistic languages in interface with other areas of knowledge, carried out by professionals of the UFPA and other institutions.

Previous editions -its first edition was held in the year 2002, in Bethlehem, with emphasis on themes that enable interdisciplinary relations, whether by titles, either by applications, whether by interpretation. In previous editions, the Forum has already addressed the relationship of body Art, literature, technology, ambientabilidade, hybridism, among other areas. The download from the annals of previous editions are available on the website of PPGARTES.

VII Biennial Arts Research Forum
Theme: art
Period: 1 December 2015 4.
Locations: graduate program in arts/UFPA-Governor Magalhães Avenue, 611.
The Park residence and the Gasometer-Governor Magalhães Avenue, 830.
Emílio Goeldi Museum-Avenida Governor Magalhães Barata, 328
For more information about submissions, registration fees and detailed schedule, visit the site of the event.

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