Resolution No. 4,829/2016 

Rules of the graduate program in arts, master's and doctoral levels

Resolution No. 420. 

General rules of graduate courses graduate programs offered by Federal University of Pará

Resolution No.

Regulating the holding of Tenders and titles for the ticket in the careers of top and Magistérios of basic education, Technological and technical in UFPA

ICA In The Resolution. 009

Regulating the conduct of competition for admission of lecturers at the ICA

Resolution No. 1,327

Regulates the evaluation programme of Technical-administrative server performance in education and Professors occupants of positions (CD) and functions Functions (FG) and probationary servers of UFPA

Resolution No. 4,727 

Academic calendar

Resolution No. 4,644

Teaching Performance assessment regulations

Resolution No. (4,753)

Changes the Resolution 4,644-Teaching Evaluation