Area of Concentration: Arts


Research line 1:

Poetics and Processes in Arts

Practical-reflexive studies related to artistic production and performance, considering the diversity of expressions, languages, performances, spectacularities, methodologies, supports and technologies. Justification: Research Line 1 is dedicated to research in Arts, focusing on poetics, acting, construction and presentation of an artistic work - show, exhibition, documentary, concert, etc. - accompanied by reflective text. It is the appropriate line for the artist-researcher. The reflections produced by artists and artists-researchers establish an important (but not exclusive) basis in this line.

Professors: Ana Flávia Mendes, Cesário Alencar, Marisa Mokarzel (visitor), Orlando Maneschy, Valzeli Sampaio and Wladilene Lima.


Research line 2:

Theories and Epistemic Interfaces in Arts

Studies on theories of knowledge in the arts and their epistemic perspectives, in inter and transdisciplinary connections, with other areas of knowledge. Contributions of the practices and modalities of art knowledge in the interfaces between the local and the global and in the dialogue between cultures. Justification: Research Line 2 is devoted to the theoretical research of / about arts and epistemic interfaces between arts and other areas of knowledge (eg, sciences, sociology, philosophy, and anthropology). Authors focused on transits between areas of knowledge establish an important (but not exclusive) basis in this line.

Professors: Ana Cláudia Leão, Giselle Guilhon, Ivone Xavier, Liliam Barros, Miguel Santa Brígida, Maria dos Remédios de Brito and Sonia Chada.


Research line 3:

History, Criticism and Education in Arts

Theoretical-applied studies on modalities of expression, methods and artistic practices in history, critiques and education, considering their respective disciplinary, inter and transdisciplinary aspects. Justification: Research Line 3 is dedicated to theoretical and / or theoretical-applied research of / on the arts in relation to the disciplines that traditionally are considered field of art in common with other fields of knowledge (art history, philosophy of art, art criticism and art-education, for example). Authors dedicated to these subareas of knowledge establish an important (but not exclusive) basis in this line. 

Professors: Afonso Medeiros, Ana Lúcia Lobato, Aureo Freitas, Bene Martins, Joel Cardoso, Rosangela Marques de Britto and José Denis de Oliveira Bezerra.